Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce.

Designed in London, Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce melds the signature flavours of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. The fusion of these regional ingredients produces an intense gastronomic experience that truly intrigues the palate.

Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce is crafted from cask-aged Japanese Nama shoyu, misted Alba cinnamon, Spanish smoked pimentón, Blue Agave nectar from Méjico, and a choppiri of delicate botanicals. 

Use Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce with chicken, fish, lamb, or vegetable dishes. Review the Techniques page for recipes and ideas, then make Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce your very own.

Or for something ​famously bizarre and ​fascinating, drizzle Hebinohà Snaketooth Sauce over vanilla ice-cream for a truly avant-garde dessert. 

Counterfeit Warning - HEBINOHA®  SNAKETOOH SAUCE  is available exclusively from our website www.hebinoha.com. Buyers should be wary of purported HEBINOHA® products sold through unauthorized channels. Beware of counterfeits.